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School Supply Lists

Some teachers are not listed.  Those teachers would prefer to discuss supplies with students during open house or on the first day of school.
Teacher Please list all of the supplies that a student needs for your class. Please list the optional supplies that a student doesn't have to have, but would be helpful to have for your class.
Anglin, Kelly Flash drive
Composition book
Blue or black pens
Barber, Glenna Composition book with no removable pages (no spiral)
Loose leaf notebook paper
Ink pen - blue or black
Highlighters - yellow, orange, green, and blue
1 or 1 1/2 inch 3 ring binder
Notebook dividers
Barber, Susan Paper Towels x2 rolls, liquid hand soap x2, plastic forks, plastic spoons, cheap paper plates
paper, notebook/folder, writing utensil
Ziploc bags of any size
Basford, Tiffany 2 inch 3 ring binder, lots of paper, pens/pencils, dividers, colored pencils, composition book, tissues Paper towels
Berquist, Jill College ruled loose leaf notebook paper
Blue or black ink pens
#2 pencils
Dedicated 3 ring binder
High lighters
Flash drive
AP: white lined index cards
Bundrick, Amanda Earbuds  
Castleberry, Jeremiah - 3 ring binder (1inch)
- paper
- pencils
- Calculator (TI - 30XA)
- graph paper
- ruler (12 inches)
Protractor (Geometry Only)
Compass (Geometry Only)
Davis, Jessica 2-3 Packs of college rule paper, a dedicated three ring binder for class, at least 3 different colors of highlighters, blue or black pens, #2 pencils, notecards, flash drive Kleenex/ Tissues, Paper Towels, Disinfectant Spray or Wipes, Ziplock Bags, poster boards, markers, coloring pencils, clear sheet protectors for binder, and any of the following physical books if students would prefer to have a physical personal copy of any of these books (I will be providing printed out copies of these books for each student, this is simply if students or parents prefer to have a printed copy from a publisher and have the physical book or a printed copy that I print for them): Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, Julius Caesar by Shakespeare, Dante’s Inferno by Dante Alighieri
Gable, Michael 2 inch Binder, Paper, Graphing Paper, Pencil TI-30XA calculator, Protractor, Ruler, Compass (I have a classroom set of each)
Green, Crystal One 2-3 inch 3 ring binder, 1pkg. tab dividers, notebook paper, 1 pkg. graph paper, three 2 pocket folders, 1 pkg. mechanical pencils, 12 inch ruler, Texas Instrument TI 84 Plus Calculator, 1 pkg. Colored Pencils, 1 pkg. highlighters, one 2-3 subject composition notebook  
Hall, Sheila MASK, 3-ring loose leaf binder, notebook paper, mechanical pencils, ink pens, highlighters or colored pencils, pack of index cards, ruler, headphones/earbuds, 1 pack of black expo markers, 1 pack of sheet protectors, and a TI-30XA scientific calculator(Algebra 1) and TI-84 Graphing Calculator (Algebra 2).  
Hatcher, Patte 3 Ring binder (Any size)
Notebook paper (any kind)
Pen (blue or black)
Earbuds (may be purchased at Dollar Tree)
Kolmetz, Brandi Pens, pencils, paper, binder, highlighters, dry erase markers, a dry erase marker eraser, masks, paper towels
Long, Kim All classes: 1” 3-ring binder, notebook paper, pencils, highlighters, scientific calculator TI 30Xa, wired ear buds

Geometry only: additional supplies include compass and protractor
Graphing paper
McCrary, Joy (Kathy) 3 ring notebook
highlighters (yellow, pink, green)
Composition Notebook
glue stick
index cards
Ear buds compatible to school lap tops
Small pack color pencils
Proctor 3 ring binder, paper, dividers, pen, pencil, index cards Markers or colored pencils or color crayons. Ear buds
Williams, Rico Scientific calculator
At least a 1” binder