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Senior Timeline 2024


August 2, 3, and 4, 2023: Senior portraits will be taken in the MHS Library.  Please be on time for your appointment.  Retakes will not be offered until January.


August 31, 2023: Beta Members who are SENIORS - This year's and any unpaid previous year's dues must be paid up-to-date by August 31.  Failure to do so will result in dismissal from Beta with no opportunity to reenter.  Beta cords will be awarded to members who are up-to-date on dues and participate in at least 2 projects per semester this year.  Annual dues are $20 unless prior dues are not up-to-date. 


August 25, 2023: Anchor Dues ($35.00) are due.  To receive a graduation cord, Anchors must have accumulated at least 45 hours of Anchor related community service hours by the end of their senior year.





September 5, 2023: Deadline to purchase yearbooks and ads at a discounted rate.

Senior Yearbook Ads: 

Want your own senior page in the yearbook?  Senior pages purchased prior to September 5, 2023 will cost 225.00 and will include a yearbook.  On September 6, the price will increase to 240.00.  For more information, email [email protected] If you only want a yearbook without an ad, the cost is 55.00 through September 5.  On September 6, the price will increase to 65.00.


September 7, 2023: NHS dues are due.  You must participate in at least two service projects and participate in 80% of the meetings to earn a cord at graduation.


September 14, 2023: 1:00 PM--Herff Jones Graduation Announcement presentation in the MHS Auditorium by Brad Maxwell, our Herff Jones representative:  Mr. Maxwell will present the Senior Graduation packages available for purchase, including official announcements, official cap, gown and tassel, extra tassels, senior t-shirts, memory books, diploma plaques, etc. Announcements are not a required purchase. You will also be able to purchase other senior items such as t-shirts and extra tassels. None of these purchases are required.  These announcements do not guarantee seats at graduation. Do not bring money on this day. You will only be looking at the items available for purchase.  If you would like to order online, click this link for more info:


September 14, 2023: Diploma Listing - Complete your diploma listing to Mrs. Wiggins by September 22.  This document ensures that your name is spelled properly on your diploma.  If you submit your diploma listing and your name is misspelled on your diploma, there will be a 20.00 fee to reprint your diploma.  Click on this link to submit your diploma listing:


September 11-16, 2023 - Homecoming Week


September 22, 2023: Order Caps and Gowns and announcements from Herff Jones in the MHS Auditorium - You should bring at least a $60.00 deposit to order the package that you chose on October 22. Reps will be on campus until lunch. If you are unable to order on this date, you can order online. All Seniors will order Caps and Gowns on this day during their order times. 

Appointment Times by Last Name
9:00-9:30 A-F
9:30-10:00 G-K
10:00-10:30 L-O
10:30-11:00 P-S
11:00-11:30 T-V
11:30-12:00 W-Z


Caps and Gowns are the only required purchase for graduation. The cost for a cap and gown is $54.50.  A $60.00 deposit is required to purchase additional senior memorabilia.  If you would like to order online, click this link for more info:


Tip: You need to take the ACT and the SAT. Don't wait until the last testing date to test.  The SAT is given on our MHS campus in October, December, March, and May.  

Register for the SAT:

Register for the ACT:



October 1, 2023: If you are planning to attend college in the Fall of 2024, you may begin submitting the FAFSA on this date.  This federal money is allocated on a first come/first serve basis.  Do not wait to fill this out.  You also have to fill out a FAFSA to be eligible for Bright Futures.


October 3, 2023: Grad Bash Deposit Due:   Reserve your spot for Grad Bash 2024 by paying a deposit of $120.00.  The Grad Bash registration form and a trip specific notarized permission form must be submitted with this deposit.  You may turn in your money to Mrs. Rackley or Mrs. Shelfer before or after school.  The entire 120.00 deposit must be paid to reserve your spot.  The final payment of 120.00 is due by February 5, 2024.  The total cost for Grad Bash is $240.00 and is not refundable for any reason--including quarantine.  The charter bus will leave Marianna High School at approximately 10:00 AM on April 19, 2024, and will return at approximately 7:00 AM on Saturday, April 20, 2024.  The total cost of the trip which includes travel to and from Orlando, and admission to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure is $240.00.  The buses will be booked based on the number of students committed as of  October 3, 2023.   There are no refunds for any reason—even quarantine.  This trip is an elite honor as our seniors join other seniors from all over the tri-states in celebration of their success.  In order to qualify to attend, students must be on track to graduate, have a minimum 2.0 GPA, receive no class 3 offense referrals resulting in out-of-school suspension or expulsion, and no Jackson Alternative School referrals for more than 3 total days during the 2023-2024 school year.  All debt list items and class dues must be paid to attend this trip.  MHS administration reserves the right to make final approval determinations.  Parents/guardians are responsible for a student's return trip to Marianna from Universal Studios should any medical or behavioral issues or rule/law violations occur which result in removal from charter bus, Universal Studios/Islands of Adventures, or any point in between.  A blank permission slip packet will be linked at the top right of this page in early August 2023.  You can print that packet, fill it out, and return it with your deposit on October 3, 2023.  Mrs. Rackley also has extra copies in the library.




Tip: If you are planning to attend or early admit to a four-year university as a freshman, you need to begin applying during the month of October.  It is not a bad idea to begin looking at other admissions deadlines at this time, too.  









December 8, 2023: Senior Ad in Yearbook - Seniors wishing to purchase a full page ad in the yearbook should do so by December 8, 2023.  Page is $240 and includes the full page ad and a copy of the yearbook.  Purchases can be made during 4th period at room F113.  Checks should be made out to MHS Yearbook.


Tip: You should already be finding and filling out scholarship applications. See Mrs. Wiggins in guidance.  Make sure that your volunteer hours are turned in to Mrs. Wiggins.


January 17, 18, 19, 2024 - Senior Formal retakes/makeup - This is the last chance to take formal senior portraits.  First come/first serve from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.  No appointments.  *Any senior wishing to retake MUST return the original proof.  Retakes will replace the original and access to the original will no longer be available.

February 5, 2024: The final grad bash payment (120.00) is due.  You will be able select your bus seat when you pay your final payment on a first come/first served basis.
March 29, 2024 - Caps and Gowns and Announcements will be delivered - Auditorium - 10:30-130. Students with the last names
A-D – 10:30--10:50
E-H –10:50-11:15
I-L – 11:15-11:35
M-P – 11:35-11:50
Q-S – 11:50-12:15
T-V – 12:15-12:35
W-Z –12:35-12:55
12:55 - 1:30 - Parents who need to pick up a cap and gown for their child should come at this time.  
Announcements should be mailed about 1 month prior to graduation. Check out this link for graduation etiquette:
April 19, 2024 - Grad Bash

May 23, 2024- Final Senior Day

TBA -  8:00 AM has been set to determine Senior Class Rankings (Val/Sal/Honor Graduates). It is up to you to complete any make up work and take care of any attendance issues before this date.  Teachers can still take grades after this date, but they will not count in ranking for val/sal/honor grad.  The grades taken after this date will count on your report card.
May 16, 2024: Senior Recognition Night: 6:00 P.M. (All Senior awards will be given on this night) Seniors will march in. Seniors will line up to process into the auditorium outside of the library at 5:30 P.M. Mr. Gilmore requests that all seniors wear appropriate dressy attire for Senior Recognition Night. All graduates and guests are invited to attend a reception immediately following in the library that is provided by the National Honor Society. While you are strongly encouraged to attend Senior Recognition Night, it is not a requirement to walk at graduation. 
TBA - PROM-  Location: MHS Gymnasium  (ONLY MHS Seniors attend free of charge. Seniors planning to attend must register before TBA. MHS Seniors attend for free, but must purchase a ticket for a date who is not an MHS senior.)
May 17, 2024: Speeches for val and sal should be submitted to Mrs. Law by this date. If you do not turn in your speech by this date, you will not be allowed to give a speech at graduation.
May 21, 2024: Senior Walk at MK8 at 8:30 - We will load up at 8:15 for the last bus ride of our Seniors' school career and head over to the MK8 to walk the halls and see former teachers and current students.  Dress:Cap, Gown, and cords over grad practice clothes.  You do not have to wear dress clothes under your cap and gown.  Students must ride the bus to participate.  MK8 doesn't have enough parking for individual students to drive and has requested that everyone ride the bus.  Bus drivers will drop us off on one side of the school and pick us up on the other side after the walk.  Practice will start immediately following the Senior Walk. (MHS Seniors only)

May 22, 2024: Senior Breakfast and Bulldog Signing - 8:00 am - Come and join your class for the senior breakfast and bulldog signing. Bring your yearbook and get it signed!  Get some final pictures of you and your friends before graduation! Wear your favorite purple and gold. (MHS Seniors only)


Graduation Practice: These practice times are MANDATORY. We are giving you advance notice of the dates so that you may make arrangements to be off work. You will not be excused due to work. If you miss a practice and it is unexcused, you will not be able to walk at graduation.  We will practice in the gymnasium and on the field.  If graduation has to be moved off of the field due to inclement weather, it will be held in the MHS gymnasium.  IF it is held in the MHS Gymnasium, you will receive a limited number of tickets for your family.

May 20, 2024: MHS Gymnasium and Bulldog Stadium: 9:00 AM - Until (plan for at least 2+ hours) We will begin practice in the gym on this day.  Wear sunscreen. 

May 21, 2024: MHS Gymnasium and Bulldog Stadium: 9:00 AM - Until (plan for at least 2+ hours) We will begin practice in the gym and then move to the field.  Wear sunscreen. (The first part of practice will be our Senior Walk at the MK8.  You must ride the bus over to the MK8 to participate.  There is not enough parking for everyone to drive. You will wear your cap and gown over your practice clothes--no need to dress up under the cap and gown.  We will start practice immediately after the Senior Walk.  Parents do not attend the Senior Walk.)

May 22, 2024: MHS Gymnasium and Bulldog Stadium: 9:00 AM - Until (plan for at least 2+ hours) We will begin practice in the gym on this day. Wear sunscreen. 

Graduation Night at Bulldog Stadium

May 23, 2024: Seniors should be at Bulldog Stadium at 7:15 PM. Graduation begins at 8:00 PM.

Pictures of each graduate will be taken by professional photographers as he or she receives a diploma. Parents are not allowed on the field to take pictures. The professional pictures may be ordered online. Go to the link for more info.

Attire: Business Dressy: Girls should wear a dress or pants suit or dress with dress shoes.  Remember that you are walking on the grass - stilettos are not a good idea. Boys should wear dress pants or dressy khaki pants, a button down shirt with a tie, and dress shoes.

Grad Bash: 
We will be attending Grad Bash, but if you choose to attend you must agree to a no-refund policy.  We are unable to get money back from the bus company and the theme park in the event you are unable to attend - even if you are quarantined or in the hospital.   

Project Graduation:

Project Graduation is organized and funded by the parents of the graduating class. Marianna High School does not organize functions related to fundraising or hosting the event.  We would like to remind you that Project Graduation was never intended to be a senior trip, rather it was to be one last night together as a class in a safe environment free of alcohol and drugs that might lead to tragedy.  Because of this original intent, the community is very generous when it comes to donating for this night.  A few years ago, classes began raising close to $60,000.00.  Businesses didn't realize that students were being given A LOT of money for attending Project Graduation.  The truth is that our business community took a huge hit with Hurricane Michael and Covid 19, yet it continues to support our school community in many ways.  We encourage parents and students to keep this in mind when planning Project Graduation.   If your class chooses to organize a senior trip rather than Project Graduation, the trip should be funded by parents of the participants, not the community, unless the community is fully aware that they are paying for a senior trip and not Project Graduation.