After School Science Labs

The Marianna High School Science Department invites you to attend an after school science lab.  There are two labs being offered this year: a frog dissection lab and a forensics lab.  Students must sign up via the links below to attend labs.  The lab days will be filled on a first come/first served basis.  A list of students for each lab will be posted outside of the biology lab as they fill up.
Forensics Lab: 15 students may participate in the forensics lab.  The lab will take at least 4 days to complete.  Students will solve a mystery using forensic science.  Stay tuned for how to sign up.
Frog Dissection Lab:  33 students may participate each day.  Labs will take place on May  You may only participate on one of the days. You can preview the lab by clicking on this link:
To sign up for the frog dissections lab, click on this link: