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Prom 2019

During lunch on Friday, January 18, Juniors will vote on the Prom theme and Prom song for Prom 2019.  Please review the options that were selected by your Student Government officers.  Please remember that these officers are working hard to make Prom beautiful.  Positive vibes only!

Prom Theme:

Each Junior will have the opportunity to vote for one of the following themes.  Your Junior Prom Committee will work hard to make your prom beautiful.  It is important to be positive and supportive of their efforts.


Enchanted Garden: The gym will be transformed into a beautiful garden with fairy lights and greenery and flowers.


Midas Touch: In the King Midas story, everything King Midas touched turned to gold.  Imagine our gymnasium overflowing with golden glam.  Everything you touch will be dripping in gold.


Diamond Gala: Our gymnasium  will sparkle and shine like the finest diamond.


Black & White Affair:  This theme will carry simple elegance, as all of the decorations will be in black and white. 


Prom Song:

Each Junior will have the opportunity to vote for one of the following songs to represent your class for prom.


Best Part by Daniel Caesar


Dream a Little Dream by Ella Fitzgerald


Butterflies by Queen Naija


Speechless by Dan & Shay




DJ Request line:

A song list is being generated to give to the DJ in an effort to make sure your favorites are played at prom.  If you would like to submit a song request, click on the link below. Remember that lyrics must be school appropriate.


Song request link: