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Musical Theatre

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Audition Forms (Musical Theatre) 9/19/2016

Marianna High School Audition Form For : _____________________ Audition Date: ____________

Name: ___________________________________________________________Gender:_____

          (Last)                          (First)                                     (Middle)

Age: _______ Height: _________ Weight: ___________ Hair Color: _____________________

Phone(s): ____________________________________________________________________

           (Home)                                  (Cell)                                      (Other:             )

***Role Preferences: 1.________________________2._______________________

***Are you willing to accept ANY role? ________  

List any training you have received in Acting, Voice, Dance or other performance skills. List any productions you have been a part of and the roles.




***Rehearsals are very important. You will be given a calendar of rehearsal dates. All roles are important no matter how small. Therefore missing rehearsals for any reason other than a doctor’s appointment is not acceptable, and may cause your part to be recast. When you accept a role in any production you are accepting a job that will require your attendance. The dedication you apply to any other activity such as sports is required in this production as well. Not feeling like it or having a bad day is not an excuse for not attending. We are a team and we depend upon each other. If one part is missing it throws off the entire production. You must be able to get to and from rehearsals. You are able to stay after school in the vocal classroom until rehearsal starts at 3:15, but you must have a ride home.

Do you understand the responsibility of the part you are given, including but not limited to being in attendance at all rehearsals? _______ Yes , I can do that. _____No, I will not be able to do that.

Are you able to insure reliable transportation to and from all rehearsals and performances? ______

***If you understand and agree to the terms above for accepting a role in this production, please sign your name below.


Parent Signature________________________________Date:___________________________