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Marianna High School Bulldog Chorus, Show Choirs, Vocal Dawgs(Ensemble)


Marianna High School Choral Department



Vocal Ensemble, Chorus 1, Chorus 2


Chorus is not an "easy A."

60%- of a grade for a term is based on formative activities such as

Quiz or Test 

Concert assignment OR concert attendance/behavior

(Will always be a test grade)


40%-of a grade for a term is based on summative activities such as

Students who attend faithfully, behave appropriately, participate fully, and prepare thoroughly should expect to achieve good grades in Chorus.

Singing alone and with others 

In-class work tasks (keep up) 

Music Theory notebook grade

Effort, attitude, and class procedures 

**Note: It is in your best interests to do any assignment that Mrs. Harlow gives. She does not mind letting you ‘earn’ a zero. Checking for missed assignments is your responsibility as a student.





**Every concert or in-school performance is a test grade.**

All students are expected to attend concerts and to demonstrate proper concert etiquette. Part of that etiquette is remaining for the entire concert or event in which we are participating.

While it is impossible to re-create a concert atmosphere in a make-up assignment, students who do not attend concerts will be asked to complete one.

Some of the events we will do or may be asked to do will be:

Bulldog Blast for Homecoming

Singing of the ‘National Anthem’ at Ball games.

Fall Concert (October)

Christmas Concert (December)

** Spring Concert (May 4th 6 p.m. MHS Auditorium)

Graduation (for a select few)

Excused concert absences are things like a family emergency or a significant illness. A student will be able to make-up an excused absence for full credit with a written assignment as long as a note is brought to school within three days of returning to school, per the school policy.

Unexcused concert absences are things like lack of transportation, baby-sitting, or other events. If a student fails to bring an excuse note within the required three days, a zero will be given

Concerts will be forecast and communicated to students in plenty of time for families to work out the logistical issues associated with an after school performance.  




  1. Be on time with only your required materials (pencil, paper, something to write on) with you at your assigned seat.
  2. Participate actively in the things that we are doing as a class.
  3. No food, gum, candy, or drink may be brought to class. We have a water fountain in the classroom so no one will be leaving the class for water.
  4. Show respect for yourself, your classmates, and your teacher by choosing your words and actions carefully.
  5. Observe school rules.

Doing all of these things gets you ready to be successful in class!


The classroom expectations do not differ from the expectations of Marianna High School. Some students may require more assistance in rising to the high level of performance we hold for them. Some of the common methods that are used to assist students with issues of behavior include:

Positive reinforcement

Verbal warning

"The look"

Quick conference before, during, or after class

Extended problem solving conference

Parental contact

Write-up to Assistant Principal  

All of our rules are meant to guide students in ways that foster learning, enjoyment, and fulfillment for all students and teachers. 


Class Dues:


All Chorus students are required to pay a $25 Chorus participation fee. Make checks out to "Marianna High School Chorus" or "MHS Chorus."

**This is due within a month (30 Days) of joining the class.

This fee pays for the choir outfit. A common shirt that allows us to have a uniform look when we perform.

**Uniform for the Concerts will be the Chorus Shirt and Black pants and Black closed toed Shoes.


Thank you for understanding this need!


Mrs. Elaine Harlow








The Following is the First Assignment for this class.

Take this packet home to your parents, have them read and sign below that they have understood what is in this syllabus.

Choir dues are for those who have joined this semester, and are due 30 days from the start of the second semester so that we can order the shirts. We will wear them for the Spring Concert in May.

This is also to acknowledge the concert attendance requirements and expectations.

Please also find the order form for the chorus shirt: a purple long sleeved shirt embroidered with our logo.

This is to be signed and returned no later than Monday January 9, 2017. If you should have any questions please email me: or call me 850-482-9605 ext. 311.


Parents: _____________________________



Choir Shirt Order Form

Please order one shirt @ $25 for ___________________.




Why Do We Study Singing in High School?

  • To establish a means of self-fulfillment as well as a lifelong recreational outlet as student musical and vocal ability are developed.
  • To provide a fundamental background in music appreciation, theory, choral thinking, vocal technique, skills, and knowledge necessary for independent musicianship.
  • To promote responsibility and good citizenship through participation in a performing ensemble.
  • To encourage self-discipline as well as team cooperation through the mutual goal of musical achievement and excellence in performance.
  • To give those students who may choose music as a career a positive, encouraging, and successful early experience.

Fine musical performance goes far beyond just getting all the notes right. Expressive, meaningful, musical performance requires more from participants. In our case, it requires singers to give a part of themselves. True vocal performance is a visual as well as aural experience. You must involve your soul's interpretation of the music on your face. We are all actors at heart, and for an effective performance, we must convey meaning in every way possible. It is no wonder so much evidence is coming forward showing the powerful effects of musical education on young people's intellectual, social, and emotional development.   




Top of Form

Music of the World

Course Description and Syllabus 2017

Mrs. Harlow

Marianna High School


Course Purpose


The course is designed to introduce students to the study of cultures and historical connections to music. This class also fulfills the graduation requirement of a Performing Arts credit if taken for a full year.

Course Material


Online presentations and in-class note taking, Text Book: Music! Its Role and Importance in Our Lives.


Course Description


Students explore the musical traditions of 18th- to 21st-century American and global communities around the world through study of current trends, focusing on the function of music within various cultures (e.g., jazz, world drumming, mariachi, soul, gamelan, Bollywood, digital). Students examine and report on human activities involving music, technology- and culture-related influences on music, and the sounds and structures of music composition. Public performances may serve as a resource for specific instructional goals.




Not all of these chapters will be covered as this class will be only for one semester. A check beside the different chapters indicate the ones we will cover.

Course Outline





Music-of-the-World--Chapter-Three.pdf  Experiencing Music

Music-of-the-World--Chapter-Four.pdf  Find the Beat, Feel the Rhythm

Music-of-the-World-Chapter-Five.pdf  Rhythms That Dance    

Music-of-the-World-Chapter-Six.pdf  Vocal Music

Chapter 7 Making Musical Decisions

Chapter 8 Musical Creators

Chapter 9 Jazz

Chapter 10 Love and Romance

ü  Chapter 11 Faith and Reverence

ü  Chapter 12 Ceremony and Celebration

ü  Chapter 13 Condolences and Commemoration

ü  Chapter 14 Opera and Beyond

ü  Chapter 15 Musical Theatre

ü  Chapter 16 Music in Film

ü  Chapter 17 Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque

ü  Chapter 18 The Classical and Romantic Periods


ü  Chapter 19 Twentieth-Century Classical Music

ü  Chapter 20 Music in Political and Social Movements

ü  Chapter 21 Activating Music Creativity with Technology

ü  Chapter 22 New Dimensions in Music





Field Trips

Field trips are a privilege, not a right and are designed to enhance the learning process. Field trips include on- campus performances and off-campus performances. Students must qualify to participate in field trips. Qualifying for trips will include, but is not limited to: demonstrating required knowledge of designated material for the specific trip. Appropriate behavior is expected at all times while on field trips. Jackson County School Board rules apply during all school functions.


Class Rules

These are the rules that you are expected to follow in this class. By signing this form, you are acknowledging that you have been made aware of these rules and the consequences for breaking them.

Please initial in the appropriate places. This form is to be returned once it is signed. This is the first graded assignment. It is suggested that you print an extra copy for your records in order to use as a reference if necessary throughout the year.


1. Electronic devices (school or personal) are only to be used for  class work as directed by Mrs. Harlow.


2. Be prepared for class:

• Be in your seat sitting quietly when the bell rings.

• Have appropriate class materials (includes paper, pen,    notebook, and other specified materials).


3. Be respectful to each other and to the teacher.

• Do not raise your voice to anyone, including the teacher.

• There is NO profanity used at any time.


4. There is no eating or drinking in class unless you have a doctor’s note provided to the teacher as well as the office.


5. There is no sleeping in class.


6. There is no touching each other or grooming yourself in class.

• No make-up application.

• No hair brushing.

• No public display of affection.

• No public display of aversion.

• No bullying


7. If you are ill, please STAY HOME and get well.


Discipline Plan

All discipline that must be dealt with by administration will be carried out in accordance with the Marianna High School Discipline policy.



Grading Scale

Tests and Quizzes: 60%

Homework, Daily work, Class Discussion: 40%


• There are no late grades given for any reason other than an excused absence. An excused absence entitles a student to three school days to complete makeup work. Any work turned in after that period of time will not be graded for any reason.

• Projects or research assignments will be graded according to the rubric provided to the students.

Contact Information

Phone: (850) 482-9605 Ext. 311









Music of the World


Acknowledgement Form

Please initial in the appropriate places. This form is to be returned once it is signed. This is the first graded assignment.

Parent signature: _____________________

Student name: _______________________

Student signature: ____________________


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