This year, I completed my 6th year as an Assistant Principal with Jackson County School Board.  The Class of 2019 has been the benefactors of my strict compliance and discipline the entire time I have been in this position with Jackson County.  I strive each day to demonstrate to our students, the staff, parents, and the community just how important it is to me personally and to us as a whole the necessity for our students to be educated not only in the school but to understand socially acceptable behaviors, politeness, and expectations we all have for young adults. 
Working at Marianna High School continues to be a challenge each day, but a joy as well, as I truly feel education is my calling, and working with our students is my ministry.  I enjoy the challenge and want the best for our children.  I have been in education almost 20 years and feel I am prepared to continue this journey for our students.
Parents, research shows when parents are involved in their child's education, all parties benefit.  I challenge each of you to download the Focus app and review your child's grades, assignments, attendance if not daily; at least 2-3 times a week.  You can view my Parent Portal page for the directions. Each day your child comes to school there is work involved in the classrooms.  Each night your child should be reviewing the materials from the day, reading a book, and working to learn the materials introduced to them during the school day.  Learning comes by doing and students need to do more than work on the coursework for 50 minutes in the classroom.  Your child does have homework and should engage themselves in reviewing every night to ensure understanding of the assignments.  We have in the past offered tutoring to students with very few students taking advantage of the opportunity provided for them.  Please ensure you work with us to provide your child the best possible education and that they are working to their maximum potential for success. 
Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time for whatever I can do to assist.  I can be reached at 850/482-9605 x 225. Thanks.